Where Fitness And Physique Diverge

Looks are Deceiving

Just because you think you eat right or "pretty good," think you get enough exercise, or even see a chiropractor regularly or occasionally, does not mean you're protected from cancer! Doing these things correctly prevents or fights cancer. I was working out, eating well, and getting adjusted for years. If you looked at me, I looked healthy! But I wasn't. The cancers they found in my body had been building for a long time.

With nutrition, I was eating a lot of fitness foods without a focus on quality, and my supplements were mostly synthetic rather than whole foods. I also didn't work out to support a healthy system, I just lifted heavy weights. So I looked great, but wasn't developing the kind of oxygen-efficient body that makes one the most effective Cancer Killer.

If you don't optimize and maintain your central nervous system, you're negating the area that plays the largest role in helping your immune system handle today’s toxic environment. I was getting adjusted every week, but the wrong way. It wasn't corrective care. After 14 years of care, my cervical spine was still in terrible condition and continuing to interfere with nerve supply to organs and tissues.

On top of all that, I'd never addressed the massive toxic overload that my body was under. I'd lived in several new homes and office build outs the last several years before my diagnosis. Because of the new construction, I'd been exposed to all of the chemically-treated building materials that emit gas that's absorbed by the body but can't be metabolized without help.

So, yes, I appeared perfectly healthy! I looked like I ate healthy! I was adjusted, but it wasn’t corrective care and it was done the wrong way. Additionally, the toxic burden I’d been exposed to was rapidly overwhelming my system. That's why it's so important to never judge your health by the way you look physically, or because you think you do one area like nutrition or fitness pretty well. Your ability to be truly well and prevent chronic disease is determined by how closely you live according to these 5 Essentials.

What Health Really Looks Like

In reality, health has little—very little—to do with how you look and how you feel. Conversely, the way your body functions is a near picture-perfect indicator of just how healthy you really are. Maximized Living doctors around the globe are hosting a Community Dinner to teach patients which signs to examine and which to overlook when working to get healthy. Interested in attending?

Contact the Maximized Living clinic nearest you and be sure to ask for the event's specific time and location.

-- Original excerpt written by Dr. Charles Majors, published in "The Cancer Killers"

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