The Stress Of Distraction

Too Much Information

The pressures of job, family, finances, relationships, guilt and grief are just the start of our stress. Each of those are immediate causes of stress.

Our world is more connected than ever. This global connection makes it easier for us to access helpful information, but it also exposes us to disasters, catastrophes and scandals happening half-a-world away.

The result is an armada of instant push notifications to our mobile devices that take our attention away from the things we need to do on a daily basis. It makes us feel rushed. It subtracts from the amount of effort we're able to offer to a given task. And it tires us out.

Total it all up, and it causes even more stress.

But what would happen if we didn't instantly check our phonea the next time they buzzed? What if you didn't check Facebook for a whole month? And what if you didn't turn on your television for an entire year?

The text would still be there. Facebook would still be humming along, and four new shows you never even knew about would have premiered and been swiftly canceled. It would all continue. If you lean on all those distractions, your life continues around you, but not with you.

There is a beauty and a power to unplugging yourself.


  1. At some point in the next day or two, allow yourself to take a nap. It will allow your body to heal and your mind to rest. Afterward, jot down how you feel.
  2. Smile on purpose. Put on a smile for 10 seconds while you're at your desk or while driving. No matter how you feel, your brain will recognize the motion as positive and you'll feel a bit lighter.
  3. Write a daily to-do list in order of priority. Then, cross out all the priorities except the first one. Spend the first hour of your day focused solely on that priority. You'll make excellent progress, increase your focus and kick off your day worry-free.

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