Surge Training Activate Hormones That Reduce Fat

High-intensity, short-duration exercise has been shown to significantly reduce fat deposits around the midsection. The accumulation of abdominal fatis linked to increased risk of heart attack, stroke, diabetes and elevated levels of bad cholesterol. By reducing belly fat, you reduce your risk of these conditions while simultaneously slimming your physique.

Study Details

A small Australian studywas organized to test the effectiveness of high-intensity, short-duration exercise (also known as surge, burst, sprint or high-intensity interval training). Half of the test subjects were randomly assigned to a control group, while the others were grouped together to perform 20 minutes of surge training, three days a week for 12 weeks. The subjects were not given specific dietary recommendations. When the 12 weeks was complete, the group assigned the training regimen had significantly improved their lean muscle mass, body weight, body fat composition and--most notably--the amount of fat around their midsections. On average, test subjects removed 0.31 pounds of pure fat from their abdominal region. That's more than an entire stick of butter removed from your waistline. Even greater were the gains around the entire midsection, or trunk. Test subjects in the surge training group lost an average of 3.1 pounds of pure fat from their trunks, while simultaneously adding more than 1.5 pounds of lean muscle.

How it Works

While surge training helps to suppress post-exercise appetite and fat burn, the key to its effectiveness may be the production of hormones called catecholamines. They include dopamine, norepinephrine and epinephrine. In an interview with The Sydney (Aus.) Morning Herald, study author S.H. Boutcher said "We don't know why, but moving limbs very fast generates high levels of catecholamine." These compounds power lipolysis, the process which breaks down fats and burns them for energy. Catecholamines, according to the study, "are mainly responsible for fat release from visceral fat stores," which may help explain why surge training is the best route to a trimmer trunk. Surge training causes the body to produce significantly more catecholamines than it does during typical, steady-rate exercise like jogging.

To Your Advantage

Almost any exercise can be safely modified to fit a burst training routine that will help you reap the benefits of catecholamines. The most efficient way to utilize the fat-burning advantage provided by surge training is to alternate a variety of resistance exercises like lunges, presses and squat thrusts. Maximized Living has created a workout called Max T3 that uses dozens of basic exercises to help people of all levels of skill and experience tap into this fat-burning response. Not sure where to begin? Weave surge training into your fitness routine with an experienced coach. Maximized Living doctors are trained to help patients burn fat through high-intensity, short-duration exercise. Find your nearest Maximized Living wellness doctor and ask about the upcoming MaxT3 group workout.

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