Slow The Aging Process With Natural Hgh

Staying forever youthful has been a common goal since the Middle Ages and has yet to lose its popularity. Unfortunately, drinking runoff water from Ponce de Leon's 500-year-old "fountain of youth" has not proven useful in reversing the internal clock.

However, there are alternative remedies to aging that have shown successful results in preventing how quickly the proverbial clock ticks.

The process of human growth occurs during early stages of life producing youthful qualities such as increased stamina, smooth skin, high energy, and all those things we long for past 40.1

These features are greatly attributed to HGH or Human Growth Hormone.

The hormone is naturally produced within and secreted from a part of the pituitary gland. HGH controls many functions within the human body, including tissue repair, cell replacement and certain brain functions.

To ensure prime functionality, the body self-regulates HGH secretion throughout the day to give you bursts every few hours. The hormone can also be naturally secreted outside of these "self-regulatory" peaks by way of exercise or physical activity, sexual activity and even sleep.2

The highest levels of HGH are produced from the ages of 21-30, but slowly diminish by approximately 14 percent every decade thereafter ( Eventually, the hormone secretion becomes so minimal it leads to brittle bones, decreased muscle mass, decreased energy and the epitome of what we deem "elderly."

Benefits of HGH

While there is no scientific proof that HGH therapy reverses the aging process, it does provide significant benefits:

  • Increases energy, stamina and endurance
  • Promotes lung and cardiac functions which increases circulation
  • Reduces wrinkles, hair loss and improves overall skin appearance
  • Increases muscle while decreasing fat deposits
  • Expedites recovery process and reduces incidences of injury
  • Enhances mental functioning
  • Improves quality of sleep and controls mood disorders (e.g. depression, mood swings)

More HGH at Any Age

It's evident that HGH supplies significant benefits to refute the aging process but to also offer a more satisfying well-being. Synthetic HGH is available, but can be toxic and very damaging to the body. However, there are several natural ways to boost HGH production at any age.

  1. Exercise with intensity. Any type of physical activity can increase the secretion of the hormone. However, surge training produces the greatest combination of HGH and catecholamines. Combined, these hormones build muscle, burn fat and keep the body in great shape at any age.
  2. Maintain a balanced diet. The types of foods you consume can greatly affect the secretion of HGH. High-fiber, low-glycemic foods prevent unhealthy spikes in blood sugar and help increase the presence of HGH in the blood stream. These foods can specific to men or women.
  3. Sleep deep. Getting solid sleep will help naturally secrete an extra dose of HGH. If you are not sleeping regularly, hitting the hay a bit sooner could "significantly increase" the amount of HGH your body produces on a nightly basis.3

It should not be surprising that a natural hormone capable of restoring youth and energy is controlled by those activities most natural to the human form.

To learn more about surge training or eating to improve your natural levels of HGH, contact your nearest Maximized Living wellness doctor today.

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