Landmines Lurking At Your Local Restaurant

Menu Items to Avoid

Some of the standard items at your average local restaurant are the very same items that are preventing you from losing weight or setting a new personal best 5k time. These seemingly harmless foods can disrupt your hormones by toying with your blood sugar levels and leaving you feeling hungrier than before. The next time you choose to treat your family to a nice night on the town, sidestep the four following options.

Bread and Butter

Skip the bread and butter before your meal. In fact, ask them not to even bring it to the table.


Especially cream-based soups. Soups are notorious for hiding harmful ingredients, such as MSG (monosodium glutamate), excess table salt, and hydrogenated oils. Most soups come in large bags, pre-made at a manufacturing plant, loaded with additives and preservatives, and then shipped for hundreds of miles. They are not exactly Mom's homemade soup.


Instead, start with a salad, but be careful. Restaurant salad dressings are loaded with nutrition-killers, such as bad oils, sugars, salt, and additives. They can cause a salad to have more bad fats and bad calories than a hamburger and French fries. Request olive oil and vinegar or olive oil and lemon slices for your dressing. Most restaurants will accommodate this. You can even bring small packs of your own dressing to restaurants. You're only saving them money so they typically won’t mind.


There's no nutrition offered here. If you're steadfastly following the Maximized Living Nutrition Plans and including plenty of good fats, you won't be hungry when dessert time comes anyway.

Why Skip Dessert at the Restaurant?

Because you have plenty of sugar-free options at home!

If your sweet tooth is aching yet again, reach for the Maximized Living Recipe Vault to enjoy a dessert that won't give your hormones a hard time.

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