Dine Out Without Compromising Your Nutrition Plan

Restaurants Shouldn't Ruin Your Nutrition Plans

Next time you're taking the family out to dinner, employ these super simple tips, hints and tricks to ensure you get the best food for your buck. These options are especially helpful if you are on the Advanced Plans.

Don't Let the Menu Decide for You.

Plan what you are going to eat before you get there. Many restaurants have their menus online so it is easy to check in advance.

You're Allergic, not Picky.

Attribute special requests to allergies rather than being picky—especially if you become self-conscious while asking questions. You may not have been diagnosed specifically with the condition but at the cellular level, we are all allergic to sugar and bad fats.

Many of us are pre-diabetic from years of the Standard North American Diet. In our experience, restaurants are more accommodating to customers with special health concerns and conditions.

Hunt for Healthier Sides.

Scan the menu. If asparagus appears somewhere on the menu but is not included with the item you are ordering, ask to substitute it for something else. It's worth the extra charge, if there is one.

Believe it's not Butter.

Ask if they use margarine or butter. Many large chains restaurants mistakenly think they are one and the same. The same misunderstanding applies to canola oil versus olive oil. With rising food costs, restaurants often use the cheapest options, which are not healthy fats like real butter and olive oil.

Ditch the Kids Menu.

Have children order off the adult menu, and then have them share. Typically, there is nothing healthy on a children's menu.

Looking for More Info on Healthy Lifestyle?

Check out our webinar page for past events that cover topics ranging from efficient, heart-pumping exercise to utilizing nutrition to help reduce risk of disease. Each webinar is presented by a team of expert with a prepared presentation followed by a Q-and-A session.

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