Exercise Builds A Healthy Brain

Too few people realize how exercise benefits the brain. The University of Colorado Boulder recently discovered that even a minimal amount of exercise can improve brain function while protecting against brain damage and memory loss.

Microglial cells are the immune defense cells of the brain. These cells are known to become more reactive to infection with age resulting in excess damage to the brain including the memory centers. The researchers at CU-Boulder wanted to know if there was any way to prevent or even eliminate this process in order to preserve memory with age.

Their conclusion was very simple: Exercise is good for the brain!

The study showed that even small amounts of exercise profoundly reduced the amount of inflammation in the brain and its residual memory impairments. Previous research has shown that dementia often follows bacterial infections, such as pneumonia or E.coli, due to the release of inflammatory cytokines.

It would stand to reason that if one could reduce brain inflammation and cytokine release, they would also reduce the damage associated with memory loss.

A regular routine of voluntary exercise does just that, it is the easiest and most cost effective way to prevent dementia.

If you have ever known someone affected by memory loss, then you know it is one of the most difficult and debilitating conditions one can face.

Being proactive with a fitness routine now before the onset of memory loss can arm your body with the ability to fight bacterial infections, minimize brain damage and conserve memory for many more years.

Max T3 is an exercise program designed with this in mind. It takes only 12 minutes and because of the “Burst” or “surge” elements – it’s especially designed to change body chemistry, regulate hormones, improve cardiovascular function, burn fat and build lean muscle for all ages and fitness levels.

Another Important Note on Inflammation and Inflammatory Cytokines: Nutrition

Sugars, bad fats, and grains—even whole grains—cause an inflammatory, cytokine reaction too. Inflammation is linked to virtually every kind of disease, pain or syndrome. While eliminating these nutrients from the diet may sound like torture, it’s actually not that difficult. There are endless alternatives that taste great, so you can eat more, weigh less and feel way better.

Whether you want to begin an exercise program or learn more about this kind of anti-aging nutrition, your doctor can help you achieve your goals through the 5 Essentials of Maximized Living.

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